Two Abreast - Celebrating Life

about us

Two Abreast / Côte-à-côte was formed on December 14, 1997. We are well known for our colours, fuchsia and black and our Two Abreast crest.

The paddlers of Two Abreast / Côte-à-côte are women living with breast cancer who are real examples of living a full and active life after a diagnosis of breast cancer. We are devoted to recovery, regeneration and a new journey of living.

Our presence at dragon boat festivals, together with the publicity generated by these events, helps us to reach out to breast cancer survivors watching. Some of those women may be in the early stages of diagnosis and treatment. Watching us compete gives them hope and goals for the future.

Team Song

Two Abreast is who we are
Bringing women near and far
With bodies strong and dragon’s might
Two Abreast is here to fight
There’s hope and laughter in our song
Hear our voices loud and strong
Celebrating life for sure
Célébrons la vie, Côte-à-côte, c’est nous !

22Dragons, Lachine Canal


September 13-14, 2014 - Québec Cup